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For restoration (clearing), a simple hedge or shrub prunning, we take care of the elements that surround us and adapt to the customer's wishes and to the surrounding constraints. 

4 seasons

Seasonal maintenance of a garden is essential for the sustainability of plants and its ecosystem over time.

The maintenance and the diagnosis of the plants are treated in a reasoned way by our contributions of Organic fertilizers and by using bio organism (mycorrhiza).

Old fashioned modernity

A landscape organizes and develops itself, which is why we see it as an extension of nature at home. What was done yesterday will be rewarded tomorrow. It is the prevention against pests and diseases that denotes everything. We make every effort to fight against the appearance or advance of these disruptors. 

Conceptualize and Realize

Before getting started, we take the time to learn more about you to reflect your tastes, your colors and your state of mind in your garden. Your project will be closed when you are satisfied with our rendering.


In Height

A tree has its history. It is with discernment and respect that we take care of the sanitation and simplification of these for a safer development of your hardwoods.

Image de Melina Kiefer


80 Avenue Valery Giscard d'Estaing

0620 Nice




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