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Evergreen Garden

Evergreen Garden is a young company created in 2021, which was once just a child's dream passionate about innovation and the landscape see the work from generation to generation of land professions take on its full meaning. Today, Evergreen is dedicated and brings passion, skill and experience to all your projects. With a variety of services available, you have many options when it comes to outdoor space vision.

Coming from a family of farmers and a climbing arborist father, this way of working the land and plants was naturally put in my hands. This choice of wanting to model and design the green space came from passion in my childhood and it is through Evergreen Garden then this ambition is expressed. My state of mind and my love for this profession is reflected in my achievements.

A question
of legacy




A work carried out with attention and a taste for details always aimed at authenticity.


An optimized look at your outdoor to focus only on the essentials.


Our objective is much more than landscaping or a maintenance but a follow-up and a thoughtful design over time.

Image de Marjan Blan | @marjanblan


80 Avenue Valéry Giscard d'Estaing 06200 NICE




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